DHI Technique in Hair Transplantation

DHI Technique in Hair Transplantation


This technique is the newest in the field of hair transplantation since it is less harmful to the tissues and can be easily applied with local anesthesia. The DHI hair transplantation technique is carried out in two or more sessions, and the factors that determine the number of courses to complete hair transplantation are the size of the baldness area and the donor area of the hair follicles (the back of the head). The duration of the session varies from 3 to 7 hours, depending on the condition of each patient.

In DHI hair transplantation technique, the patient is almost painless as he can take a break at any time during the planting process, and since the hair transplantation process is entirely natural and healthy, the results are guaranteed. The hair begins to grow quite naturally after at least 16 weeks and at the new location where it is transplanted.

Why Choose DHI for your Hair restoration?

Your hair loss problem faces you every day; its progress unmistakable to the watchful eye. Despite being a natural and ordinary condition, the social effect of male pattern baldness on today’s man is strong. The question is not what to do to change this, but what best to do. Over 3,000 patients have already allowed us to show that we too strive for the best and would agree that DHI has changed their life.

Ozlem Safiye Kurt, has devoted over 20 years to hair restoration research and development and is today actively involved in all aspects of the Company’s growth and advancement. DHI has significantly advanced hair restoration technology and holds patents on many techniques including.

DHI International has been the recipient of numerous awards and commendations for technique, research, and commitment in the hair restoration field, and our worldwide clinic maintain the highest quality controls and are certified International Standards Certificate .

When you are ready to take action about your hair loss problem and seek the best in hair restoration, contact DHI, and let us be your guide.