Follicle Unit Extraction (FUE) Method in Hair Transplant

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Hair transplant, eyebrow Transplant and beard transplant using FUE technique:
Hair transplantation FUE technique is the latest and most famous hair transplant technology and is considered to be a revolution in the field of hair, beard and eyebrow transplant. The hair follicles are harvested from the donor area (the back side of the head) using a special device with a head of several sizes depending on the hair diameter and size of each patient. The hair follicles with one, two, three or four hairs are then reserved a special liquid until the opening of channels to receive the extracted hair follicles into the baldness areas.
Advantages of FUE technique in hair, beard and eyebrow transplant:
• Less harmful to hair and hair follicles
• Maintain hair vitality
• Healing wounds faster
• Less harmful to skin tissue and scalp
• Do not cause any pain after finishing transplantation
• Do not leave any scars in the donor area
• Allows hair care professionals be able to sort hair follicles depending on the number of hairs in hair follicles
• Perfectly suitable for small areas that need to grow hair like eyebrows
Disadvantages of FUE Technique in hair, beard and eyebrow transplantation:
• Takes more time and be able to harvest few hair follicles at a time
• Thin, small-brimmed hair follicles may be damaged during the extraction process
• May be inappropriate for some patients because of the nature of their hair
• High cost
• Extracted hair follicles may be damaged during reservation
What makes this technique the most famous techniques in the field of hair, beard and eyebrow transplantation is the increasing demand from patients around the world to use this technology; in addition to the experience gained by hair transplant specialists in this area.
What is the difference between FUT and FUE in hair transplant:
Mistakenly and commonly comprehended that the two technologies are mutually exclusive. At first, we would like to point out that FUT means picking hair follicles by taking a surgical slice of the scalp and then harvesting the hair follicles and storing them in a special liquid. FUE is, therefore, the latest branch of the FUT technology so that the hair follicles are pulled directly from the patient’s head rather than from the surgically removed slice of skin from the patient’s scalp.
The difference between them is that FUT is more invasive to the skin and scalp, and the difficulty of wound healing, which often leads to scarring in the donor area. In other words, the FUT technique is different from the technique of FUE in terms of method of picking the hair follicles and how to wound heals after the hair transplantation

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