Health Tourism

The new star of Health Tourism; Turkey

Turkey with 39.226.226 visitors annually attracts the most tourists in the world 6. Country. Turkey has an international reputation in the sense of hospitality management, which has been performing significant tourism attacks over the years and improving the tourism capacity and quality of each passing year. Welcoming, warm, quality service and world-class facilities with the choice of millions of tourists every year turkey, hospitality and health in terms of domestic and international investments and tourism after the new favourite of health tourism Location.

Health Tourism in Turkey today

Options suitable for all tastes and needs

In Turkey, offering an unlimited choice to different expectations. The world-renowned 5-star hotels, unique boutique hotels, hostels and many different choices integrate with the wonders of history and nature, aiming to give visitors an unforgettable holiday. With its health-filled thermal facilities, pristine beaches and beach, historical beauties that carry the heritage of Empires, modern metropolises, Turkey successfully combine health and tourism. World-renowned luxury hotels, service offered with Turkish hospitality, health and accommodation facilities in international standards serve visitors with the aim of spending their treatment in the most comfortable conditions.

Treatment and vacation together!

Guests visiting Turkey for Health Tourism have the opportunity to be treated by medical devices, experienced physician staff on international standards, and with accommodation facilities close to the health centres, guests are It has the opportunity to enjoy its natural beauties and vibrant city life.

Turkey 51 JCI Accredited Certified hospital is ranked first in a worldwide benchmark. More than 1200 state and private hospitals and patients are offered a wide network. 300 of the organizations providing private healthcare services are closely related to international health centres. Among these powerful links; There are centres such as Harvard Medical International, Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, Memorial Sloan-Kettering, and New York Presbyterian.

Organ transplantation, genetic tests, neurosurgery, eye (the world’s largest eye clinic network is located in Istanbul), cardiology, orthopaedics, plastic surgery and the important achievements achieved in the areas of dental health tourism bring Turkey to the fore. With its wellness centres (wellness), natural thermal spa facilities and mud baths, Turkey is a centre of attraction attracting nearly half a million tourists to the country.